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Why Viviza?

Time is everyone’s most valuable asset. Get in front of buyers to hear a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so WE can move your business forward. Covering Central and North Florida, Viviza is eager to share the hottest industry selections with the 20+ million people of Florida.

Craft Spirits

The hot categories, the best crafted spirits, we are particular because we believe in being original. Request a sampling and we will be happy to oblige. We have spent many hours selecting only the finest in their respective categories. Now see why we can make a difference to your customers’ experience.


We believe there are many choices in wines and they are NOT all found in the grocery store. There are gems all over the wine world and we have selected the wines we represent to serve many palates. Interested in experiencing wines not found everywhere? Then you have come to the right distributor, we hand select with you, the discerning customer, in mind.

Craft beer

Studies show that more people in this generation are starting to purchase craft beers. Our mission is to find the best and unique brewies and bring them to you. 

New inventory in Each Month

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